Finding Happiness & Well-being

Through movement & touch


 What I offer

ariel massage

Massage therapy is beneficial for so many reasons; it reduces stress, pain, muscle soreness and tension while allowing you to draw your awareness inward to become more aware of your bodies daily ebbs & flows.

As a fitness and massage professional, I really like to work on active bodies. Whether you are a semi-pro, pro or recreational athlete*, I want to help you feel better in order to perform better in your chosen sport**. 

*If you have a body, you are an athlete  

**"Sport" means anything in this instance. Could be traditional like football, soccer, & track or could be more recreational like lifting, jogging, hiking, yoga, or playing with your kids.


Intro Session

$45 - i hour
  • I understand the hesitation when working with a new therapist.
  • Sessions are expensive and you don't know if you'll like it, so why spend so much $$?? 
  • I set this rate to hopefully ease your mind and give you a chance to "sample the product" with a much lighter financial burden.

60 min Session

  • Whether you are looking for specific work or total relaxation, I got you covered!

More Options

We like Options!
  • I am also offering 45 min, 90 min, & a package deal.
  • Let's connect before you buy anything, though okay?
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What is Eudemonia?

Eudemonia is a state of happiness & well-being and I want to help you find it!

My name is Ariel and I am so happy you are here.

Since 2011 I have been studying anatomy, physiology, and exercise science. I have since been personal training, teaching fitness, training & instructing in yoga, mat pilates and more! No matter how much I have learned, I am always on the quest to learn more, not just for my own training, but for my clients. In 2020 I began my study in massage therapy to deeper understand anatomy and the muscles that help us do what we do everyday. Massage therapy has many purposes - relaxation, relieving pain, maximizing training, and enhancing wellness.

We all hold tension in our bodies without being aware of it and massage can be a great modality to add to your weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly wellness routine.

I truly believe that through movement, breath and physical touch, that you can find comfort, balance, and peace in your body from the inside out! 

Let's set up a time to chat about your current movement routine, how you are feeling in your body and how I can help you get to your goals!

Shoot me an email and we'll get to it

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